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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Full & Partial Dentures

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We strongly encourage you to ask any question that's on your mind. Your questions help us understand your concerns so we can tailor your treatment to meet your unique needs.

Here are a few of the questions we frequently hear, but you probably have some of your own. Please don't hesitate to call us at (859) 277-1189 or fill out our convenient online contact form.

Full & Partial Dentures

The cost of dentures in Lexington, KY depends on several factors. The area where you live, the type of dentures we recommend, and the quality of the material used all dictate the cost. But in large part, it’s the materials that drive the cost of dentures up or down.

Dentures made with plastic prosthetic teeth are the most cost-effective, and a full set of uppers and lowers usually cost about $1,000. At first glance, this seems like an affordable solution. However, the material used is low quality, so the dentures don’t always look natural, and they may also irritate your mouth.

Mid-priced dentures of higher quality material are around $3,000 for a full set of uppers and lowers. These dentures tend to look more natural and last longer than the lower priced option.

Dentures made using premium materials are customized to enhance your appearance and cost about $8,000 for a complete set. These are the most natural-looking because the artificial teeth are made of a material that closely mimics the appearance of natural teeth. We have total control over the shape, shade, size, and positioning of each tooth, and the result is a set of dentures that look as close to real teeth as possible.

There’s no doubt that premium dentures are an investment. However, if you’ve ever spent a moment wearing dentures that look fake or don’t fit well, you know that the difference in comfort and appearance is well worth the price.

We can give you a better estimate of the cost of dentures in Lexington, KY when we meet with you. Please call Garden Springs Dental to arrange an appointment to get started.

Partial Dentures & Tooth Replacement in LexingtonHowever, while we talk a lot about advanced options like dental implants, a tried-and-true approach like partial dentures still have their place in many cases.

Are You a Candidate for Partial Dentures?

  • Most of your teeth are healthy, but you’re missing a few teeth here that leave gaps in your smile. Partial dentures are an excellent solution in this case because we customize them to fit in and around remaining teeth like a puzzle.
  • You want to replace some teeth with dental implants, but would like to get dental implants, but you don’t have the budget for them right now. You like the idea of getting dental implants, but you can’t manage the cost in your budget right now. If implants aren’t a possibility for you, our doctors create partial dentures in Lexington, KY that fit comfortably and look as close to natural teeth as possible.
  • You’re tired of covering your mouth when you smile or forgoing the foods you love, and you want your smile back. Living like this can take a toll on your life, but partial dentures will restore function and allow you to smile confidently again.

Tooth Replacement in Lexington

Please call Garden Springs Dental to arrange an appointment with one of our doctors to discuss your needs and how we can help.

Dentures and Bridges in Lexington | Women with DentistDental bridges and partial dentures are similar in that they fill the space left by a missing tooth.  They both improve your ability to speak and chew and prevent neighboring teeth from drifting into the open space. But they accomplish the job in different ways, and there are pros and cons to each.

What Makes a Partial Denture?

We design a partial denture as a removable prosthetic to replace multiple missing teeth. A partial denture is constructed using natural-looking artificial teeth attached to a molded acrylic base that matches your gum color. Partial dentures are attached to remaining teeth with metal or acrylic clasps.

You may also hear dental bridges referred to as fixed partials, and they literally “bridge” the gap with an artificial tooth that’s attached to anchor teeth on either side of the open space. Bridges are fixed because only a dentist can remove them. 

Smile Restorations in Lexington KY

Partial dentures tend to be less expensive and easier to adjust and repair, but they can break or get lost, unlike bridges that are securely attached to anchor teeth on either side. However, because the bridge relies on adjacent teeth for support, it’s essential that you keep them healthy with brushing, flossing, and preventive dental visits.

If you’re considering partial dentures or dental bridges in Lexington, KY, please call Garden Springs Dental, and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

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