Professional Teeth Whitening in Lexington, KY

Teeth Whitening | Garden Springs DentalDo stained or discolored teeth prevent you from smiling confidently when talking with friends and co-workers?

All of us experience some tooth discoloration as we age. Your oral hygiene, the foods you eat, and even genetics play a role in the brightness of your smile. But there's no reason to live with a smile you don't love!

Professional teeth whitening is such a fast and convenient solution that you don't have to let stained or discolored teeth prevent you from smiling with confidence. At Garden Springs Dental, we offer teeth whitening options that fit your lifestyle and make it easy to enjoy a brilliant, beautiful smile.

Let Your Natural Beauty Shine

The goal of a professional teeth whitening treatment is to leave you with a beautiful, refreshed smile. And the brighter your smile, the more approachable you seem and the more confident you feel. 

You don’t have to worry that your teeth will be “too white” after treatment, either. A handheld shade guide helps us choose the appropriate level of whitening. In fact, there is simply no way that professional whitening can make your teeth any whiter than their whitest natural shade. 

Convenient Teeth Whitening Options

At Garden Springs Dental, we offer convenient teeth whitening options that will help you enjoy the benefits of a bright, sparkling smile. Having options enables you to choose the one that best fits your lifestyle and timeline. 

Garden Springs Dental | Teeth Whitening

We are also pleased to offer Polaoffice+ teeth whitening, a great solution for those who want to see the fastest results. If you who want the benefit of an in-office treatment, but don’t have a lot of time to spend in the dental chair, this product is for you!

Polaoffice+ contains a high level of hydrogen peroxide for the fastest result. In-office treatment usually takes less than 30 minutes. Pola Day CP is a take-home whitening kit that contains 35% carbamide peroxide, so you only need to whiten for about 15 minutes daily to see immediate results. For optimal whitening, we recommend jump starting your at-home treatment with Polaoffice+.

No matter which whitening method you choose, we always recommend a professional dental cleaning before treatment. You will achieve the best, most consistent results if you start with teeth that are super-clean and free of any lingering plaque.

Call to Arrange an Appointment

At Garden Springs Dental, we offer many methods for improving your oral health and helping you enjoy a more confident, happy smile. Our doctors would love to take the time to talk to you about all our options and how we can help you achieve your goals.

Please call our Lexington, KY dental office to arrange a convenient appointment for a cleaning and to discuss your needs!