Gentle Kids Dentistry in Lexington, KY

Pediatric Dentistry Garden Springs Dental Here at Garden Springs Dental, we are happy to provide children of all ages with gentle, compassionate care. 

Our team wants your child to have a fun, positive experience with us starting with their first checkup at our Lexington, KY dental office. We know that any new situation can be stressful for a child, so we do everything possible to ensure that kids feel safe and secure with us.

Dr. Christopher Davis and Dr. Gregory Edens, Jr., have been treating children for over 20 years. Their experience has shown them exactly how to approach kids to be sure that they respond positively.

You can feel comfortable knowing that when your child is with us, they are in the hands of a team who focuses exclusively on their needs.

Early Visits Are Essential 

We like to see kids starting around age three, and many parents are curious about why we recommend visits at such a young age. 

First, we want to see kids before problems develop. Dental cleanings and exams for kids at our Lexington, KY dental office are just as important for them as they are for you. We stress prevention for adults, and it’s even more critical for children. In most cases, kids start out with healthy teeth, and we want to keep them that way.

Healthy baby teeth play an important role because they are a placeholder for permanent teeth that are getting ready to erupt. If your child loses a baby tooth too soon due to decay, neighboring baby teeth start to drift into the open space. This movement can lead to alignment problems because the permanent tooth no longer has a place to erupt properly.

Children's Dentistry Garden Springs Dental Making Your Child’s First Visits Fun

We want to do everything possible to support your child in discovering the benefits of healthy teeth. The goal of your child’s first visits is to gradually introduce them to the sights and sounds of a dental office. We’ll count their teeth and give them a fun ride in the dental chair. 

When their appointment is over, they get a balloon and a toy from our treasure chest. When your child gets a little older, we will introduce them to our No Cavity Club. Each time your child has a visit with no cavities, we take their picture with a sign that says, "No Cavity Club." We then send the picture to your phone, so you can share it on social media and brag to family and friends. If you like, you can sign a media release right on our app for this picture so we can put it on our Facebook page as well!

If your child has any apprehension about his or her trip to the dentist, let us know. We will go out of our way to ensure the visit is designed to help calm their fears. By the time your child has their first x-rays at the age of six or seven, he or she should feel quite at ease in the dental chair.

Let’s Get Started!

We assure you that we will work hard to continue to earn the trust you place in us to manage your child's oral health. If you're looking for a gentle children's dentist in Lexington, KY, look no further than the team at Garden Springs Dental.

Please call to arrange an appointment or consultation so we can get started. If needed, we are also pleased to perform the now-required pre-K exam for your little ones!