Same-Day Emergency Appointments in Lexington, KY

Emergency Dental Services | Garden Springs DentalHave you ever had a crown fall out? Have you ever been hit with a sudden severe toothache?

If so, you know that a dental emergency can turn your life upside down until you can find a dentist to provide treatment. 

At Garden Springs Dental, we understand how upsetting an unexpected dental problem can be. We want you to know that we are here for our patients all the time, including after hours when most emergencies seem to occur. 

You don’t need to suffer while you wait for the treatment you need. We always leave time in our schedule for emergencies, so the first step is to call our office immediately at (859) 277-1189. We’ll make your emergency a priority and get you in to see us as soon as possible, usually the same day. 

What Is a Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency may include:

  • Injury to one or more teeth
  • A chipped or broken tooth
  • The loss of a tooth or filling
  • A severe or sudden toothache
  • A painful abscess or infection

Toothaches are the most common emergency we treat at our Lexington, KY dental office. A severe toothache can take over your life to the point that you can’t function normally. When tooth pain is so severe that you can no longer work and go about your daily routine, you know you need relief, and you need it right away.

Garden Springs Dental | Emergency Dental ServicesWhat Should I Do in a Dental Emergency?

When you have an emergency, it’s important not to ignore it. 

If a tooth has been knocked out, it’s essential that you call us right away. A delay can often make the difference between saving and losing the tooth. Handle the tooth carefully, taking care not to disturb the root. It’s important to keep the root moist until you can see us, so place it carefully in milk, water, or even saliva.

Fillings and crowns can last for many years, but an older restoration can become loose and dislodge from the tooth. If a filling or crown is lost, please save the crown or filling piece and bring it with you to your emergency dental appointment. 

Your Emergency Dentist in Lexington, KY

If you have a dental emergency, it’s important that you call our office right away at (859) 277-1189. Time is of the essence because ignoring an emergency can have a long-term impact on your oral health. At Garden Springs Dental, we care about your wellbeing, so we’ll get you in as soon as possible to address the problem and relieve your discomfort.

Time is too valuable for you to spend a moment longer than necessary being held up by a dental emergency. Call us to get the relief you need so you can get on with your life!