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Why You Need to Pay Attention to Your Child’s Oral Health

Child Eatingan Apple | Pediatric Dentistry in Lexington KY

It seems like just yesterday you brought your new baby home from the hospital, and today they’re one year old and sporting a brand-new tooth. Where did the time go?

Start Now with Oral Care for Your Child

If you haven’t already, now is the time to pay attention to what’s happening with your child’s oral health. That little baby tooth is adorable, but it and the others that follow all play a significant role in your child’s future dental development.

A common question parents ask is why they have to worry about baby teeth since they eventually fall out anyway.

  • Kids need healthy baby teeth to learn to chew, speak, and even ...

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5 Tips for Helping Your Child Avoid Dental Anxiety

Mom and Daughter | Dental Anxiety Help for Kids in Lexington

Did you have a negative dental experience as a child? Unfortunately, too many adults end up developing a lifetime of dental anxiety for this very reason. 

You don't want your child to be burdened by this kind of fear, but you aren't sure how to prevent it from happening.  Fortunately, there are several ways you can set your child up for a successful first visit to the dentist. 

Start Early

Before your child's first "official" visit, you can help them by bringing them to one of your appointments. For kids, there's comfort in predictability; visiting the office and meeting the dentist without the stress of treatment can build trust so they see the ...

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