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Tips to Keep Your Dentures in Tip Top Shape

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Dentures have helped millions of people regain their ability to eat without discomfort and smile confidently again. They have been around for centuries in one form or another because they are a practical solution to the age-old problem of carrying on your life without teeth.

How to Care for Your Dentures

In your own life, you know how you rely on your dentures every day, but they require special care so that they continue to serve you for as many years as possible. Here are a few of the basic steps you should follow to get the most out of your investment.

  • Rinse dentures after eating to remove food debris that can lead to ...

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Are Partial Dentures a Good Tooth Replacement Choice?

Partial Denture Example | Modern Full & Partial Dentures in Lexington

You have several options for replacing missing teeth, and each has their pros and cons. Dental implants have received a lot of attention, but for many people, a removable partial denture is still the right choice.

How Does a Partial Denture Work?

If you are missing a single tooth, or several teeth in different areas of your mouth, partial dentures are designed to fit in and around existing teeth like a jigsaw puzzle. A partial denture may be set on a metal or plastic base and are often secured to adjacent teeth with clasps to hold them in place.

When Is a Partial Denture the Right Choice?

There are several cases where your dentist ...

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